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One of the most popular commercial window coverings today is Mecho Shades. Houston Blinds For Less installs more MechoSystems products than any other brand for commercial clients, and considers Mecho shades, known as the “Architect’s Choice” for solar shading and room darkening,  to be the best window coverings for offices, hospitals, hotels and many other commercial applications.

About Mecho Shades & MechoSystems

Although now installed in residential homes as well, Mecho shades were originally designed for commercial applications. MechoSystems, a technical company in the window shading business, developed the manually operated roller shade system, and then later created a software-controlled automated shade system that revolutionized commercial shading.

Buildings could have true solar protection with a view. Timer-controlled shades provided an automated system that opened and closed at designated times. Further development of technology made it possible for automated shades to respond to factors such as BTU load on the glass and predicted solar rays rather than solely relying on timers.

A top provider of window shades for interior designers and architects, MechoSystems has led the innovation of manual, motorized, and automated solar shading and room-darkening solutions for more than 50 years.

Mecho’s Motorized Shade Systems

Mecho motorized shade systems provide the ideal solution for professional buildings with inaccessible high bays as well as for offices, executive spaces, conference rooms and training facilities. With quiet motorized operation, you can easily increase the privacy and cut glare without disruption.

Automated Solar Shading & Energy Management Solutions

Offering the ultimate window management solution with proven energy savings, Mecho automated shade control systems make conserving energy and reducing glare in a building effortless. Rooftop radiometers track real-time sky conditions outside and sensors monitor brightness levels throughout the day. The system automatically controls shades, moving them up and down as needed, while also adjusting electric lighting at the same time to maximize daylighting and reduce energy usage.

Mecho Shades for Green Buildings

More and more businesses today are going green, and MechoSystems help them do so. The company is a supporter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and architects, developers and designers select Mecho products for use in buildings designed to meet LEED® standards. Read more about Mecho solutions for LEED buildings here.

Installation of Mecho Shades, Houston Areas & Beyond

Houston Blinds For Less, your local experts for commercial window covering projects, sells and installs a full line of Mecho shades throughout the Greater Houston area. Specializing in motorized and automated window shading systems, including integration and automation, our commercial team also handles select projects in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, plus areas within Louisiana.

Houston Blinds For Less works with architects, general contractors, property management companies, interior designers and more, providing the best window coverings for their specific applications. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your commercial window covering needs, introduce the line of MechoSystems products, and help you determine the best solution for your commercial project. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.