Mecho Shades the Leading Solution for Commercial Window Coverings

One of the most popular commercial window coverings today is Mecho Shades. Houston Blinds For Less installs more MechoSystems products than any other brand for commercial clients, and considers Mecho shades, known as the “Architect’s Choice” for solar shading and room darkening,  to be the best window coverings for offices, hospitals, hotels and many other commercial applications.

About Mecho Shades & MechoSystems

Although now installed in residential homes as well, Mecho shades were originally designed for commercial applications. MechoSystems, a technical company in the window shading business, developed the manually operated roller shade system, and then later created a software-controlled automated shade system that revolutionized commercial shading.

Buildings could have true solar protection with a view. Timer-controlled shades provided an automated system that opened and closed at designated times. Further development of technology made it possible for automated shades to respond to factors such as BTU load on the glass and predicted solar rays rather than solely relying on timers.

A top provider of window shades for interior designers and architects, MechoSystems has led the innovation of manual, motorized, and automated solar shading and room-darkening solutions for more than 50 years.

Mecho’s Motorized Shade Systems

Mecho motorized shade systems provide the ideal solution for professional buildings with inaccessible high bays as well as for offices, executive spaces, conference rooms and training facilities. With quiet motorized operation, you can easily increase the privacy and cut glare without disruption.

Automated Solar Shading & Energy Management Solutions

Offering the ultimate window management solution with proven energy savings, Mecho automated shade control systems make conserving energy and reducing glare in a building effortless. Rooftop radiometers track real-time sky conditions outside and sensors monitor brightness levels throughout the day. The system automatically controls shades, moving them up and down as needed, while also adjusting electric lighting at the same time to maximize daylighting and reduce energy usage.

Mecho Shades for Green Buildings

More and more businesses today are going green, and MechoSystems help them do so. The company is a supporter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and architects, developers and designers select Mecho products for use in buildings designed to meet LEED® standards. Read more about Mecho solutions for LEED buildings here.

Installation of Mecho Shades, Houston Areas & Beyond

Houston Blinds For Less, your local experts for commercial window covering projects, sells and installs a full line of Mecho shades throughout the Greater Houston area. Specializing in motorized and automated window shading systems, including integration and automation, our commercial team also handles select projects in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, plus areas within Louisiana.

Houston Blinds For Less works with architects, general contractors, property management companies, interior designers and more, providing the best window coverings for their specific applications. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your commercial window covering needs, introduce the line of MechoSystems products, and help you determine the best solution for your commercial project. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation.

Popular Window Blinds & Shades for a New Year – 2015 Trends

Honeycomb Cell Shades

As we enter the New Year, this is a perfect time to start thinking about new window blinds and shades to give your home or office a fresh look. What will be the top 2015 trends in window coverings? What will be the most popular window blinds and shades in the Houston area? Find out what we’re seeing at Houston Blinds For Less.

Motorized Window Blinds & Shades

People love the simple luxuries technology provides, and motorized window blinds and shades are no exception. Motorized blinds and shades not only offer the ideal window covering solution for those hard to reach windows, but also blend well with other home automation features for energy savings and modern conveniences.

Easily controlled with a wireless remote, you can raise and lower multiple remote window coverings with the touch of a button. Or, automate your window blinds and shades with a programmable timer or sensor, an excellent option for controlling your window coverings to save energy. Setting your blinds and shades to open or close while you are away also makes it appear as if someone is home.

Offering convenience, safety and style, motorized blinds and shades will continue to grow in popularity in 2015.

Woven Woods among Popular Window Blinds & Shades in 2015

Woven wood shades popular in 2015

Natural woven shades and blinds bring the simplicity of the outdoors inside to create a fresh, relaxing environment. A popular window covering for 2015, woven wood shades and blinds made with organic grasses, bamboo and other natural materials offer an inexpensive way to cover your windows and give your space warmth.

Honeycomb Cell Shades for the Energy-Savers

Another Eco-friendly window covering is the honeycomb cell shades. Also called accordion shades, cell shades are the most energy efficient window shades due to their honeycomb-like design with pockets of air. In addition to energy savings in both summer and winter, honeycomb cell shades also provide noise reduction and give homes and offices the clean, modern style popular in the New Year.

Popularity of Roman Shades Continues

Giving any room a look of classic luxury, roman shades will remain a popular window covering in 2015. With a wide variety of colors and fabrics, you can select the right roman shades to reflect your personal style.

Individuality, simplicity, creativity and green living are among popular home décor trends for 2015. Be creative with your decorating in the New Year. Custom window blinds and shades can help.

Contact Houston Blinds For Less to add a personal touch to your new window coverings.

Free Remote Special Deal on Motorized Roller Shades in October

If you are thinking about buying motorized roller shades, now is the time to do so. Houston Blinds For Less is offering a Free Remote Special deal on motorized roller shades purchased during the month of October.

To qualify for the free remote control, you must purchase a minimum of five motorized roller shades at Houston Blinds For Less. The special deal ends October 31st.

Easily Operate Multiple Motorized Roller Shades with One Remote Control

With the single free hand-held remote, you can control multiple motorized roller shades purchased with one click for simple, convenient operation. No hard-wiring is required.

Motorized roller shades provide a stylish, clean look with quiet operation. They also eliminate any dangers of dangling cords to children and pets. If you want to cover hard to reach windows, motorized shades are the perfect choice.

Roller Shades a Popular Window Covering

Roller shades, also called roll-up blinds or roller blinds, are a popular choice in window coverings today. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, interior and exterior roller shades are available in a variety of colors and fabrics.

If you want to block incoming light in an area such as a media room or bedroom, buy  room darkening roller shades. For rooms where you want to maintain your view outside, but filter the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays, choose the  light filtering roller shades.  Houston Blinds For Less also offers custom  motorized outdoor roller shades, an excellent addition to patio enclosures and porches.

Contact Houston Blinds For Less  now to schedule a free, in-home or office consultation before the October special deal ends. One of our expert representatives can show you the types of motorized roller shades available and you can select the colors and fabrics best for your decor.


Energy Efficient Window Coverings to Lower Your Heating & Cooling Costs

Are you tired of paying high energy bills and looking for ways to reduce the costs? Consider adding energy efficient window coverings.

According to data at Green Houston, heating and cooling accounts for 58 percent of our energy used in Texas. Installing new energy efficient window shades, shutters or blinds is a quick and easy way to lower your heating and cooling costs while also increasing your privacy and enhancing the beauty of your home or office.

During the summer, uncovered windows are a major source of solar heat entering the home as well as loss of cool air from inside. In winter months, heat escapes through uncovered windows. Without energy efficient window coverings, you could lose as much as 50 percent of your home’s heating and cooling. As a result, your HVAC system runs more to make up for the loss, increasing your energy bills and reducing the life of your system.

The Highly Energy Efficient Honeycomb Shades

Quality window coverings can help conserve energy by providing insulation, solar heat control and daylighting. The most energy efficient window coverings today are shades with the honeycomb construction. Read about the energy efficient design of honeycomb cell shades. Houston Blinds For Less offers a variety of honeycomb cell shades, including ones with motorized operation.

Window Blinds Help Reduce Incoming Heat on Hot Days

If you are more concerned about reducing solar heat gain on hot days than conserving heat in your home, and you prefer less expensive window coverings, consider interior blinds. According to the US Department of Energy, highly reflective window blinds closed or lowered on a sunny window can reduce solar heat gain by about 45 percent. Plus, the flexibility of the slats on blinds enables you to redirect incoming sunlight to a light-colored ceiling, which diffuses the light without gaining much heat or glare.

You can find a wide variety of vertical and horizontal blinds, including easy-to-operate blinds with motorized operation, at Houston Blinds For Less. With motorized operation, you can control your blinds with a wireless remote or automatically with a programmable timer.

Shutters Offer Year-Round Savings

For generations people have used wood shutters to control the incoming sunlight as well as cold air, and plantation shutters remain a popular choice for energy-efficient window coverings today. Solid shutters provide energy saving in summer and winter by decreasing both heat gain and loss.

High-quality, tight-fitting wood shutters provide improved energy efficiency and can significantly increase the value of your home. The most energy efficient shutters, however, are the poly shutters. Also called faux wood plantation shutters, poly shutters are easy to maintain and often recommended for high humidity areas.

Get Help Selecting the Best Energy Efficient Window Coverings

If you are unsure what type of energy efficient window coverings to select, submit the form provided to contact Houston Blinds For Less. An expert representative will welcome the opportunity to discuss the best window coverings for your applications, show you samples, and explain the options and energy ratings.

Vertical vs Horizontal Blinds

Know Before You Buy: Vertical vs Horizontal Blinds

When it comes to vertical vs horizontal blinds, there are several differences that could influence your purchasing decision. The key differences that you should know before you buy include construction, window size, how they affect a room’s lighting, ease of cleaning, and impact on energy efficiency.

General Construction Differences: Vertical vs Horizontal Blinds

Vertical blinds are made of wide, overlapping panels that hang down from a wheeled, sliding track. Vertical blinds can be pulled open from either one side to the other or from the middle out like curtains, depending on the model. A rod or chain can be twisted to swivel the panels for controlling light and visibility.

Horizontal blinds are made of thin, slightly overlapping panels that hang down from a static track. Horizontal blinds can be raised or lowered with a cord. Typically, a rod can be twisted to swivel the panels for controlling light and visibility.

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