Soft Sheer Light Filtering Window Shades at Houston Blinds For Less

Soft sheer light filtering window shades at Houston Blinds For Less make every room more inviting and elegant. These horizontal shades also prevent too much sun from invading your home or office.

Soft sheer light filtering window shades combine the soft appearance of shades with the ease of operation and functionality of blinds. Lightweight fabric vanes and a layer of sheer fabric create a flowing, airy look over your window when the vanes are open. Soft sheer horizontals gently filter penetrating light, leaving a relaxing glow while maintaining your privacy and view.

With excellent tilt control, you decide how much filtered light you want to allow in. If you prefer more privacy, you can easily close the vanes. For a more unobstructed view, open the shades completely. These light filtering window shades also help cut the sun’s harsh UV rays that can fade your furniture, artwork, carpet and wood flooring. For a more room darkening effect, consider the soft sheer blackout window shades.

Although these light filtering window shades appear delicate, they are actually quite durable as well as versatile.

Buy Light Filtering Soft Sheer Window Shades

Houston Blinds For Less offers a selection of light filtering window shades for your residential or commercial application. With a number of light and breezy colors available, finding the right soft sheer horizontal shades for your space is a breeze. Don’t miss this great opportunity for you to decorate your windows at a reasonable price. Contact Houston Blinds For Less today.